Genie intellicode troubleshooting


When the infra-red sensors are malfunctioning, usually one of the sensor lights will be blinking. The problem is either due to a blocked path between the sensors, dirty eyes, loose wires at the sensors or at the motor head, or just bad sensors.

The transmitters remotes will not work to close the garage door. You will find that the door will only move an inch or so in the close direction and reverse. When this happens your garage door will only close by holding down on the wall button, or wall console, until the door fully closes.

This method is the only way to override the safety and close the door.

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To try and correct the problem, make sure the eyes on the sensors are clean, the wire connections are securely fastened at the sensors and motor head, and the eyes are directed at each other. Also, try unplugging the garage door opener and re-plugging the unit back into the outlet.

This acts as a reset and may reset the sensors. If nothing works, it may be that you have to replace the sensors. You can find new sensors on our Web site in the category section or by going directly to Infra-Red Sensors. The garage door closes down to the floor, hesitates and reverses back up to the open position. What is wrong? You have an open limit and a close limit on your garage door opener.

These limits set the distance the door will open or close before stopping. In the down direction, if the limit is set beyond the point at which the door closes fully, the door will hit the floor and act as if it is hitting something and the safety feature tells it to reverse. If you have a screw drive or chain glide unit you need to set the limit closer to the motor, so the opener shuts off earlier at the point the door closes.

If you have a chain drive with limit lugs attached to the chain, one for the up limit and one for the down limit, you need to experiment with the placement of the down limit lug on the chain, so the opener will shut off at the point the door closes.

genie intellicode troubleshooting

You can find garage door limits on our Web site in the Genie section, or you can go directly to Genie limit switch. The code changes every single time you press the button. It is a rolling code transmitter and there are 4. The learn, or smart button is behind the light lens or on the back of the motor head and is close to the floppy antenna wire.

Some models require you to unscrew 2 bolts on the light lens to be able to remove the lens and access the learn button. On the newer model Genie Openers there are a set of buttons located at the bottom, outside cover of the motor head:1 square and 2 triangle buttons shown in question 9.The Genie intellicode screw drive opener has been a very big seller the big box stores, but in the last year or so they start stocking with Genies new products.

What I will try to cover here is Genie intellicode screw drive opener with an aluminum rail and if bought the big box store it will be a 3-piece rail. First you need to grease up that rail. The easier and smooth the screw inside the rail turn, the less stress on the motor.

The grease also help keep the carriage lubed. Before you grease the rail, get the paper towels out and plenty, you will need it and wipe the rail clean for old grease. Do not use whatever grease you have in the garage and do not use any spray lube that will be a short time solution. Get some Genie Lube or Lubriplate Low Temp grease and put an even bead all the way down screw inside the rail.

Besides that, there is not much service for the Genie intellicode screw drive opener.

genie intellicode troubleshooting

The failures of Genie intellicode screw drive opener. The carriage assembly is what I see wear out most. Why does it wear out? It will sound like you are grinding gears when you try to operate the door, but it is an easy part to replace.

Disconnect the rail the wall mount and swing it gently to one side so you can slide the carriage off the rail and get the new one back on. You might need to loosen the ceiling mount the motor head to get some play and movement. Tighten everything back up and ready to go. The coupler between the screw and the motor goes out now and then. You will hear the motor running, but nothing moves. Look up and see if the screw turns when the motor is running. If not the coupler is bad.

Take out the 2 bolts that connect motor head to rail and loosen the bolt and screws for the ceiling mount to give you some play to pull the motor head and rail apart. The coupler or what left of it will be in there. Get the new one and put it on the motor shaft and look how the female end sits and then turn the screw to match up.

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It will then slide back together. Put the bolts in and tighten it all up and you done. Sure there is other small stuff that can happen and go wrong with the Genie screw drive opener as board failure, rpm sensor failure and blown motor start capacitor.

When the capacitor blows it can be quite dramatic. A big pop and lots of smoke, but easy and cheap part to replace. Genie intellicode screw drive motor failure is a very common thing that happens. The opener will get louder and louder over time and at some point it will not go and there will be a short hum. You can adjust the up and down force for a short time. It will be a grinding sound and sometimes it will go other times not and just hum.

Having trouble with your garage door cable?Keypad is black with a slide-up cover showing the Genie logo only This keyless garage door opener entry pad works with Genie transmitters using MHz frequency.

It is NOT compatible with Genie Intellicode transmitters if your keypad has Intellicode printed on the cover, go to the next set of programming instructions below. The Door Code in the Step-By-Step Procedure at right is determined by the internal code switches inside your transmitter and the accompanying chart.

Determine the settings of the first 3 switches and write down the corresponding number from the chart. Continue with the next 3 switches and its corresponding number, and so on, until the last set of 3 switches. You should have 3 or 4 Door Code numbers. To make a copy, highlight area and copy into your word program. You can then print out a legible copy of the chart and the programming instructions from your word software.

Check the 9 volt battery under the keypad numbers. To access, press inward, under the number pad lip while sliding downward to expose the battery. This small black button is located behind the light lens at the motor head and is nearest the floppy 6 inch antenna wire that protrudes from the power head.

When pressed, a radio signal indicator will start blinking red for 30 seconds. With most Genie units, remove the light lens globe to expose the Learn Button on the motor head. The learn button is sometimes located on the back of the unit, or with Excelerator openers, it is under the light lens near the hinge of the lens globe.

Always locate the floppy antenna wire first. The Learn Button can be found not far from this antenna. You can then print out a legible copy of the chart and programming steps from your word software.

Programming Instructions for the GWKP Genie garage door opener keyless entry involves following the two sets of steps below:. It is usually behind the light lens and close to the floppy antenna wire. If your Door Opener does not have an antenna, you have an External Receiver. Follow Steps 1 through 3 outlined below:.

Works with Genie systems using Intellicode 1 and Intellicode 2 controls. Intellicode 1 refers to all systems made from to Present, with the exception of and Intellicode 2 refers to most units made in and The keypad should now be set to the new PIN.

The outside garage door keypad has a flat ribbon, which slides behind the garage door molding into the garage, and attaches to the Keyless Entry Receiver box. Slide the switch to SET.Programming Genie Intellicode Remote Transmitters. These include models, and, Looking up in your garage at the bottom of your Genie motor cover is a set of black buttons, depicted in the drawing below, along with two LED lights shown here in grey.

To clear all remotes and keypad from the system, follow Steps 1 and 2.

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These transmitters work by matching the settings on the internal code setting switches with the same set of switches in the receiver on the garage ceiling. The receiver is located either behind the light lens of the Genie garage door opener motor head, or inside an external small rectangular box on the ceiling, which is connected to the motor head by a set of wires.

Note: the frequency of the transmitter must be the same frequency as the receiver on the ceiling for it to work. Genie has been making the MHz frequency exclusively for the last 15 years. These garage door opener transmitters have 2 smaller switches to the right of the internal Code Setting Switches. The small right switch should be set according to how many Code Setting Switches in your receiver either 9 or The small left switch is for programming purposes.

To program a button for one of your doors, follow the instructions below:. Terminals labeled 1, 2 and 3 on the Receiver are connected to their corresponding terminals on the garage door opener Power Head labeled 1, 2 and 3. Note that these wire connections are in a different order than the connections to the motor head. Installations using a Power Pak plug-in will connect the two terminals on the power pack to terminals 1 and 3 on the receiver, color coded white and red.

Garage Door Troubleshooting Guides

This new Genie Intellicode Radio Receiver connects differently than previous versions of Genie external receivers. The receiver is powered through the terminals marked power and common. A Genie garage door opener which has only 3 terminals on its motor head will use the terminals on the motor head marked 1 for common and 3 for power.

If you have a Genie garage door opener with more than 3 terminals, an external 24Vac adaptor will need to be purchased to supply power to this receiver. These are the same terminals which connect to your wall button. This small, black, unmarked button is located behind the light lens at the motor head and is nearest the floppy 6 inch antenna wire that protrudes from the motor head. When pressed, a radio signal indicator light will start blinking red for 30 seconds.

Keep the transmitter you want tuned at least 2 feet away from the power head while tuning. Press the transmitter button once more to test the system and start your door moving. Press and hold down the square button on the motor head until the round blue LED light come on, then release the square button.

The long purple LED button will start to blink. Note: if the blue light stays on, go to instructions for Intellicode III, below While the long LED is blinking, hold the remote 4 or 5 feet away and press 3, 4 or 5 times, until the door activates.

⭐Genie Garage Door Opener Not Closing⭐Easy Fix!

Your remote is now programmed. Press the square button once more until the long purple LED comes on and release. The purple LED should be blinking. To unlock the programming feature use a remote that already operates the unit and press it once. Purple light goes solid. Hold the new remote 4 or 5 feet away and press 3, 4 or 5 times until the door activates. The remote is then programmed Clearing Memory for Remotes and Keypad if present Follow steps 1 and 2 above or step 1 if between and July 8, This clears the receiver memory.

All previously programmed remotes will no longer work with your door.Troubleshoot any problems you may be having with your Genie garage door opener, including lights blinking, door reversing, remote issues and more. Safe-T-Beam is a government-required safety feature that must be installed in order for your Genie garage door opener to work.

First, be sure that the lenses are clean, and check for any possible obstructions or loose wires. Also, make sure that lenses are mounted five to six inches from the floor on either side of the garage-door opening and that lenses are aligned facing one another. If the LED indicator continues to flash, see your owner's manual for a list of possible causes and additional troubleshooting. The likely culprit is an obstruction in the path of the garage door.

genie intellicode troubleshooting

Check for and clear any obstructions in its way. If it is, be sure that the lenses are mounted five to six inches from the floor on either side of the garage-door opening. Your garage door may be disconnected from the opener.

Check that the emergency-release cord has not been pulled. If this is the reason, you will need to reengage the carriage.

The method to reengage the carriage depends on the model of garage door opener you own. See your owner's manual for more details.

Be sure that the remote has been properly programmed and that fresh batteries have been installed. If you are still having trouble, refer to your owner's manualor contact Customer Service. With the obsolescence of the basic incandescent light bulb, it has come to Genie's attention that there are certain brands or types of LED bulbs that can cause interference with the radio signals.

These LED bulbs can have an effect on the operation of nearby devices, such as affecting the transmitter range for remote operation of a garage door opener. To solve the issue, Genie has developed its own LED light bulb, designed specifically for almost any brand of garage door opener.

Genie Intellicode Manuals

It either eliminates or greatly reduces the issue of weakened remote signal to your opener that common LED bulbs can cause. For expert advice, contact your local Genie Professional Dealer. Where to Buy. Shop Now. Commercial Operators.Find Genie owners manuals programming support, and helpful answers to your garage door opener product questions here.

Troubleshooting Guide- for models, Search for Genie replacement parts for your model number. Genie Garage Door Opener Videos- product and programming tips. Free Shipping On All U. Shopping Cart. Staples can cut insulation and short out the wires. For series II wall console, you can remove the wires from the back of the wall console and touch them together to see if the garage door moves. If it does proceed with repairing or replacing the wall console.

Opener runs, but the garage door does not move chain or belt models Make sure the carriage is engaged with the chain or belt. Was the emergency release cord pulled? Check to make sure the pulley is not boken.

Opener runs, but the garage door does not move screw drive models. Check out our items on sale. Watch Our Videos for helpful tips. Search Our site. Keep in Touch Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about coupons and special promotions.

Make sure the carriage is engaged with the chain or belt. Make sure the carriage is engaged. If not, re-engage it. Check to see if the emergency release cord was pulled recently Check to see if the screw inside the rail is turning If the screw inside the rail us turning and the carraige is engaged, but the door is not moving- replace the carriage. If the motor is running, but the screw is not turning- replace the coupler. In both the cases above- you may hear grinding noises.

Check all remotes if all the remotes and wireless devices stopped working at the same time, this could indicate the circuit board needs replaced Replace the remote battery if neccesary Reprogram the remote to the power head Replace the Genie remote if needed.

Check for items that you recently changed or added in or near the garage that may interfere Remove energy efficient bulbs, they can interfere with the remote signal If the lightbulb was the problem, a Genie LED lightbulb will resolve this issue. Check if the limits are properly set. Adjust the limits as needed. It should be on and steady.

See safe-t-beam diagnostic light guide Check garage door for binding. If an operational problem exists, and the garage door opener will not close, the opener can be forced to close.

Press and hold the wall console button until the garage door is completey closed. Check for interference from adjacent photo eye sensors of any brand.

Check if limits are set properly.

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Check Contact Reverse test that is in the owners manuals Check the garage door for binding Check the closing "Force" control. Check if limits are properly set and adjust them as needed. Be sure the garage door, opener, and springs are in good repair, properly lubricated, adjusted, and balanced.

Button stuck on the wall control or remote Remote lost or stolen? Erase all remotes from the powerhead and program exisitng remotes back in.

Remove the wall control wires from the motor head terminals. This will eliminate both wires and wall button.Get FREE tips on how to boost connectivity and more, all from one FREE and convenient spot.

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