S10 lite review


Samsung's Galaxy S10 Lite is an absolutely gigantic phone that could rival last year's Galaxy S10 Plus when it comes to battery life and performance. Unfortunately, it also seems to match last year's S10 lineup for price.

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You'll be able to buy the phone directly from Samsung as well as from Amazon and Best Buy starting on April At Amazon, you can get a free pair of Galaxy Buds with purchase. But there's more to the S10 Lite's price than there seems at first glance, especially given what's happened since we first saw the Galaxy S10 Lite during CES in January.

s10 lite review

At the time Samsung hadn't announced pricing or availability, but we had hoped to see a price cut from what the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus cost.

A lot's changed in the months since we had our hands-on time with the S10 Lite. For starters, Samsung introduced a new round of flagship phones, the Galaxy S20 family. You can likely find more discounts on those phones depending on where you shop. The Galaxy S10 Lite is a massive 6. All three are incredibly fingerprint magnets, if that kind of thing is important to you.

The Galaxy S10 Lite sports a triple-lens array, like the Galaxy Note 10 Lite also announced this past January, but the two cameras are very, very different. The S10 Lite sports a megapixel wide-angle lens with Super Steady optical image stabilization, a MP ultra-wide-angle shooter and, interestingly, a 5-MP macro lens for shooting subjects at close range.

The Note 10 Lite's cameras are a little more conventional wide, ultra-wide and telephoto. We're curious to see how the S10 Lite's macro results fare against the incredible photos we've seen from the Google Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Good news if you're getting the S10 Lite: It will pick up some of the software features Samsung introduced during the Galaxy S20 launch. Thanks to a software update, you'll get the outstanding Single Take feature, which captures multiple shots at once using the phone's different cameras. Additional photo features include Pro Video, which gives you more control over settings, and Night Hyperlapse for time-lapse videos in the dark.

With a less battery-intensive display, we expect the S10 Lite so turn in an impressive performance — hopefully enough to include it on our list of best phone battery life. The processor also powers the S10 Plus, and that phone was one of the top-performing Android flagships of Since then, of course, Qualcomm has come out with the Snapdragonwhich is the chipset powering this year's Galaxy S20 family.

The Galaxy S10 Lite's battery and processor could put it ahead of the Android competition. An ultra-low price would seal the deal. We're curious to see how the S10 Lite's cameras, particularly the outlandish MP wide-angle lens and the 5-MP macro lens, stack up against the device's pricier predecessors, especially with the promised software update introducing some of the features that impressed us when we reviewed the Galaxy SWe may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item.

This is how we make money. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is a puzzling addition to the range, but it's a good performer especially when it comes to processing power and battery life. Arriving on the scene almost a full year after the mainline Samsung Galaxy S10 series and only around one month before the Samsung Galaxy S20 series was announced, it seemed an unusual tactic.

The Galaxy S10 Lite boasts a triple camera led by a megapixel sensor, a 6. These are seemingly strong specifications, but does it have the overall performance to match? Subscribe to our newsletter. Immediately catching the eye, the Galaxy S10 Lite has a smooth, pearlescent sheen across the back panel which reflects the light for an attractive and noticeable finish. The screen is large, measuring 6.

The speaker is housed at the base of the phone. The display is capable of very high brightness levels, although it does lack the enhanced refresh rates recently adopted by some flagships. Playing games was particularly enjoyable, as the large screen was immersive, and it was comfortable to hold in landscape orientation. The display might not be stunning in itself, but it certainly does the job. The Galaxy S10 Lite runs on a Snapdragon processor that was first released in early In our benchmarking tests, the results of which are below, it goes toe-to-toe with an all-out flagship, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Everyday tasks where accomplished with ease, and I did not experience any stuttering or sudden app shutdowns. Games also ran very smoothly on high settings. This device should deal with pretty much anything you throw at it. The base software here is Android 10with OneUI 2.

I liked this interface, which is intuitive and features large, clear icons. It still does have quite a few pre-installed apps, but unlike some rival brands around this price, you can at least hide them away in the app drawer. I found face unlock to be very unreliable and when I used it, and more often that not I was relegated to using the traditional PIN-entry method, however the fingerprint scanner worked very well.

In the above image taken in daylight by the main camera, detail capture is strong. Generally colours were fairly muted with the main camera. Overall the camera performance was not bad, but I felt that the images looked slightly overexposed and lacking depth of colour, and nowhere was this more clear than when shooting in low light.

The first example, above, shows relatively little difference between shooting without Night Mode left and with Night Mode right ; the signage on the stadium is more legible, but the colours look more washed out. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite ultra-wide camera shot. This lens does distort the image somewhat, which negates the realism of the photo, but sometimes it can be a neat effect to emphasise scale. The battery has a mAh capacity, which is a considerable size, matching the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and beating all other handsets in the S10 range.

It lasted through a busy day of travel and tourism, when I used the camera and Google Maps and other demanding apps frequently, but I did have to put it on charge before heading out later in the evening.

s10 lite review

This device should easily last you through a working day, and then some. Going by our results it should take you not far over an hour to charge the phone from zero to full. These are two of the strongest reasons to recommend the phone. CES - our full coverage. Verdict The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is a puzzling addition to the range, but it's a good performer especially when it comes to processing power and battery life.

Pros Excellent performance Attractive design Long-lasting battery. Cons Unreliable face unlock Mixed results from the camera.What may seem like a confusing or redundant product at first is, in fact, one of the finest smartphones ever produced by Samsung.

Yes, it's not without its shortcomings, but those are few and far in-between and are excusable at this price range.

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The S10 Lite is the best phone in its segment, especially if the camera and battery life are high on your list of priorities. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is undoubtedly a confusing member of its smartphone lineup in India, which already has a lot of products at varying price points. It may seem that Samsung is unclear with what it is trying here, but in reality, the S10 Lite is probably the most focussed device its ever brought to markets, especially in India.

The S10 Lite changes that by bringing a package that seemingly sports all the essentials that users have come to expect in this price range, along with a trust factor that only Samsung can boast of.

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It also serves another purpose which Samsung will eventually hope to upsell in the future — get more people to try out its flagship experience at a never-before-seen price point. And it does a darn good job at that. It can be purchased from Flipkart and other offline retailers. Here are the most notable omissions in comparison to the Galaxy S10 and others in the same price range.

These "compromises" will shape your decision if the S10 Lite deserves your money or cuts too many corners. Instead, the S10 Lite is clad in a new material called Glasstic, which is supposed to have the shatter-resistance of plastic and scratch-resistance of a glass. But for what its worth, our unit has no scratches on it yet. On the back, it has a camera layout that is similar to the new flagship S20 series, with all the lenses placed in a rectangular island in the corner, a trend that Samsung is adopting for all its new smartphones.

The rest is pretty standard fare, with the power and volume buttons on the right, the USB Type-C port on the bottom, beside a single, downward-firing speaker. The back curves slightly on all four sides for improved ergonomics. Within that frame, we get a 6. As always, blacks are rendered perfectly and the colours have just the right amount of punch. It has a resolution of 2, x 1, pixels, which gives the panel an aspect ratio of and is really enjoyable.

s10 lite review

More vertical real estate is ideal for most of our apps as you scroll through more content, and gives a wide-screen experience while gaming or watching movies. The glass on top is also gently curved to the sides, making swiping easier. However, the S10 Lite suffers from terrible palm-rejection, which we presume gets amplified because of the 2.

This is unusual as even other Samsung phones with real curved displays handle accidental touches better. Considering the size of this phone, there are many instances where two hands will be needed, which just becomes a messy experience. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews Mobile Phones. Our Verdict What may seem like a confusing or redundant product at first is, in fact, one of the finest smartphones ever produced by Samsung. For Great consistent performance Reliable all-day battery life Primary camera best in segment Fast charging Big, enjoyable display.

Against Not a premium body No telephoto camera No water-resistance No manual controls in the camera Palm-rejection needs work.Samsung Android. But it also filled an overlooked niche - compact flagships.

Now with the release of the Galaxy S10 Lite, things start to get a bit confusing. Because we all thought the S10e was the light model. And if you look at the S10 Lite's specs sheet closely, you'd notice that there's nothing Lite about that phone. In fact, we expect the S10 Lite to perform better than its full-fledged S10 siblings in some scenarios. Battery life and charging are two of them as the S10 Lite comes with a generous 4, mAh unit and supports up to 45W fast charging over the USB Power Delivery standard.

Those are some features that are missing from the Galaxy Slineup's specs sheet. The S10 Lite also comes with a 6. And we've all heard and seen the stories about the Snapdragon 's ISP being better than Samsung's one on the Exynos so it's going to be interesting to see how it performs against the S10, for example.

Also, the S10 Lite adopts the popular 48MP sensor with pixel-binning that everyone uses and this is the first time we see this sensor coupled with a high-end hardware.

And we don't think the S10 Lite will cannibalize the sales of the rest of its family. Of course, there are some trade-offs that need to be considered. There's one moderately big setback with the current camera setup, though - there's no telephoto. We have a capable ultra-wide snapper and a promising 5MP dedicated macro camera in addition to the main 48MP and that's a pretty big oversight in our books.

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One would argue that a proper 2x telephoto camera would be more beneficial than the macro. After all, we've seen pretty decent telephoto units on much cheaper devices so we can't think of a reason why would the S10 Lite settle for less. I purchase a s10 lite only in July 25th and less than 6 month something went wrong with the speaker.

Imma buy this badass and use it for playing heavy games ex. Fortnite and Genshin. How long will the battery stay for these!! GSMArena team08 Feb Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review. Introduction and unboxing. Pricing These are the best offers from our affiliate partners.

We may get a commission from qualifying sales. Design and ergonomics. Reviews Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review. Comments User reviews Galaxy S10 Lite. Read all comments Post your comment. Show all prices.These are interesting times for smartphone buyers. While OnePlus pioneered the concept of an affordable flagship smartphone, XiaomiRealme and many others have sustained the momentum.

Packing specifications that rival top-of-the-line hardware and nearly matching the experience, the line between a value flagship and a true premium device is blurry at best. Enter the Galaxy S10 Lite. The Galaxy S10 Lite errs close to the full featured Galaxy S10 experience with top-end internals, a software experience to match, as well as a quality camera set up. Read more in our Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review. The phone has distinct design cues that differentiate it from everything else at the price point.

Up front is a large 6. Despite the size, I had no issues carrying the phone around since the aspect ratio definitely helps with ergonomics.

Using the phone, however, is another story. Unless you place it side by side with a higher-resolution screen, it is hard to find fault here.

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Color accuracy is good, but not quite perfect. The whites display a very cool, blue hue.

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The S10 Lite also excels at outdoor visibility and the display can be set bright enough for viewing under direct sunlight. Like the Note 10, the Galaxy S10 Lite sports a punch-hole camera on the front. The camera hole is small and unobtrusively placed towards the top edge. The volume keys and power button are located on the right, and are easy to reach. A USB-C port and speaker grille grace the bottom edge. Nope, no headphone jack here!

The phone has in-display fingerprint sensor that I found to be accurate, but not particularly fast. Samsung has definitely come a long way from the hit or miss implementation on the Galaxy S10, but the competing OnePlus 7T still has it beat.

The large camera module, for example, closely resembles the Galaxy S20 Ultrathough it obviously lacks the imaging prowess of the latter.The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite does a good job in terms of balancing what you want in a phone with what you actually need — Samsung has been smart in cutting out certain features and lowering certain specs to meet what is a very attractive price point.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review (hands on)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite sits in a very crowded smartphone market — even if you just limit your search for a phone upgrade to Samsung phones released in a single year, there are still enough of them to cause plenty of confusion.

This is the 'Lite' or more basic version of 's Samsung Galaxy S10since succeeded by the Galaxy S20 phones and the Galaxy Note 20 phones already launched in Samsung has pulled this Lite trick before, primarily with the Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

It lets the tech giant cover even more price points with more affordable versions of its flagship phones that cut a few corners in terms of specs, features, and design flourishes.

The phone poses a question that's never been more pertinent — do you need to pay premium prices for flagship smartphones? The mid-rangers now available, including the S10 Lite, offer almost as much quality for a significantly lower price, and for a lot of consumers, that compromise is one that they're willing to make. If you can live without features that are top-tier but arguably unnecessary — 5G, a high screen refresh rate, waterproofing, wireless charging, optical zoom on the camera — then you can save yourself a chunk of cash by getting the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite instead of one of the more expensive phones in Samsung's range.

You still get the premium build and design quality, you still get a gorgeous AMOLED screen, you still get a camera that's capable of taking some very decent pictures, you still get plenty of battery life between charges, and you still get stacks of performance — albeit from 's best processor, not 's. We think the Galaxy S10 Lite is an excellent value-for-money proposition, one that will appeal more than the S20s and Note 20s of this world to a lot of people.

As yet there has been no indication that the phone will be launching in Australia. That puts it in a very similar price bracket to the Galaxy S10ewhich you might want to consider if you need something that's a little more pocket-friendly.

The phone is also widely available on contract from the usual retailers. Samsung has years of experience pushing out premium phones, so the S10 Lite is as polished and as refined as you would expect — this is a good-looking phone alright, while not quite reaching the level of polish of the Galaxy S20 or Note 20 handsets or even the original Galaxy S10 phone.

Galaxy S10 Lite Review: Better than you'd expect

The display has been flattened off, though it still impresses — you've got a spacious 6. In fact some people will prefer the flatter display, where the screen isn't overflowing around the edges of the phone. The screen size makes this a relatively big device, but not unusually so for Though this is a more affordable flagship phone from Samsung, the price-cutting doesn't really show through in the design of the Galaxy S10 Lite — it feels premium and well-built when you pick it up, nicely judged curves are everywhere, and we really like the shimmering, rainbow-effect on the back of the Prism White model we reviewed Prism Black and Prism Blue are your other options.

Plastic is used on the back instead of glass, and there's no IP68 protection against water and dust, but otherwise there's little to choose between this and the top-tier handsets. There's a power button on the right, which doubles as a launch button for Bixby if you want it to, and the volume controls are just above that. At the bottom you've got your USB-C port and your single speaker, and Samsung has gone for an in-screen fingerprint sensor here, so the overall aesthetics of the phone are very clean and elegant.

In terms of appearance, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite can definitely hold its own with more expensive Samsung flagships and the phones that OnePlus has put out during It oozes much more class than phones like the iPhone SE or the Google Pixel 4aso you are getting a step up in design quality over those mid-rangers for a little extra money.

We've already referenced the 6. In use, it's hard to find any major fault with the Galaxy S10 Lite display: from Netflix to photos, from browsing phone reviews on TechRadar to touring around cities on Google Maps, everything is clear and sharp.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review

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